The proposed low cost system shows the results obtained in the implementation and testing in a marine environment of a Innovative Monitoring Underwater Buoy Systems for Marine and Rivers installation with IR-Cam, Instrumental Telemetry and Acoustic Data Acquisition Capability (MUnBuS). This concerns an innovative Monitoring Underwater Buoy Systems that can be remotely controlled from the ground, air, satellite and sea and from a Centre of Supervision Telecontroller And Data Acquisition and Monitoring (Mobile-STADAM Centre). The Buoy is host for the radio or satellite communication equipment, the downloading and telemetering data equipment and the photovoltaic power supply, on board and underwater instrumentation.

rouc_immersion (1)The underwater buoy, that is rendered in negative trim, is anchored on the sea floor that must be investigated and is equipped with submarine monitoring equipment and infrared cameras where the measured data and the image results are linked with the surface buoy through an ethernet cable to optical fiber.

sphere communication

The STADAM Centre retransmits all data received, steaming online to the land or other analysis Centre. This complete system can solve the typical logistic and technical sea problems type: water column, sedimentological analysis, differences in temperature bathymetric, geological information, amount of dissolved oxygen. The system is also applicable on lakes, river and ports monitoring, organic fish problems and biological submarine research.


The underwater acoustics buoy with the environmental monitoring can also be useful with particular attention to submarine climate change impact indicators, surveillance of marine protected areas or archaeological sites.